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"Because I have a heck of an Inner Perfectionist and Inner Critic, I knew that the only way I could handle sticking with yoga and getting its benefits was TO TELL MYSELF: "I stay in the room: I give my self FIVE GOLD STARS, I'm sweating: I give myself FIVE GOLD STARS, I'm progressing slowly by showing up and going gently through the motions with patience, determination and self-control: I give myself FIVE GOLD STARS."

I started at almost 51 and now at 54 feel better than I did in my TWENTIES!

"No matter where YOU are in the posture - you are getting the full benefit of the posture. Don't compare yourself to others.  You are breathing and stretching and sending fresh oxygenated blood throughout your body flushing your organs and detoxifying.  Straining in the posture stops the flow and takes you out of the mindfulness meditation of it - which is the yoga of the mind and heart part of it - because you are detoxifying your emotions as well!"

Taylor Jane Green BA, RIHR, C.Ht
Registered Talk Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach
Member of Alliance Professional of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists

Regarding a Regular Practice:   "I was in one afternoon when the owner asked me to share my Bikram ever life changing story.  For years, I suffered severe seasonal allergy to pollen, ragweed, and other forms of allergies.  I took allergy shots every month for the past six years and had been admitted to emergency hospital twice.  Even worse, I also have IBS, and arthritis from playing softball.  I was introduced to Bikram Yoga in the summer of 2010, and have been practicing 5 days a week.  I have been off medication since October 2010, and I have been able to breathe properly throughout the day and during sleep.  Both my arthritis and IBS are slowly healing.  Bikram yoga has increased my lung capacity, cardio, strength & flexibility.  I am still working on the mental and spiritual benefits.  I thank all of the dedicated instructors at Bikram Yoga Centre for fine tuning me on my path to healing.  They can see the improvement in my practice and have pushed me to go beyond my limits.  I have frequented other studios in other cities, but it is always great to come home where EVERYONE knows who you are and cares about you.  VN

Regarding the Year Challenge:  "My 365 classes in 365 days challenge is now complete!  Wow, it feels amazing to have finished such a huge commitment.  People keep asking me what the big learning was for me.  I've heard of 3 other people who have done the same challenge and some of them have lost weight, for me, I lost old heartache.  I wasn't fully aware of just how much heartache was in me  until it was gone.  What an incredible gift.  There is that saying -- the issue is in your tissues -- yoga will make your cells move and apparently mine released old pain.  The unusual thing is that friends who were attached to those old experiences have also left my life during the last few months of the challenge.  I'm okay with that.  What's my advice?  Just show up and do a class.  Come every day.  See what happens for you.  Whatever needs to heal in your body can be accomplished through this practice.  Take full advantage of those 90 minutes on your mat.  Let the rest of your life go during that time.  One day at a time, one class at a time, one posture at a time, and most importantly, one breath at a time.  Don't rush, just let your body, which is always in the present moment, line up with your mind -- your breath will get you there.  Thank you to everyone who supported me and encouraged me to keep going -- we did it!"  Carol Blades

How Bikram Yoga helped heal my back pain:  "I had been practicing Bikram Yoga on and off for over 3 years while living in New York City.  I had experienced great results during that time, from substantial weight loss when I first started the practice to the general day to day mental health benefits that a regular practice can bring.  My practice fell to the way side during the late summer of 2007, when suddenly one day, I could not get out of bed.  I had become debilitated by back pain -- excruciating pain, that I later learned came from two herniated discs in my L4 and S1 vertebrae.  As anyone would I first turned to a chiropractor.  When he ran out of unsuccessful methods to alleviate the pain, I switched to Massage Therapy.  Without positive results, I then tried acupuncture and ultimately almost one year later, with no permanent solution at hand I made my way to a chronic-pain specialist.  Every specialist I went to, initially saw some improvement, only to have the pain return within weeks sometimes days.  I now had spent over a year and a half without any form of exercise, trying to spend as much time immobile.  I was surviving on a cocktail of pain medications to get through the days.  After a trying year, I relocated back to Canada and hoped a change would help my situation.  The pain was so bad, that in January of 2009 I knew I had to break the cycle, but I had no idea where to start.  I was given a book by a former colleague, Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno.  The book talked about the mental connection between back injuries and prolonged chronic back pain that lives beyond the life span of an injury.  This was the first time I say a way through the pain.  Every doctor before had only spoken to managing/medicating the pain and not to eliminating the root cause of it.

Armed with this new insight into my condition it was time I started doing something physical again to begin working through the pain rather than masking it.  I wanted to give Bikram Yoga a try as I knew it would bring both mental determination and physical strength back into my daily life.  The first week back was shocking and painful.  I remember setting a goal for the first week.  All I wanted was to be able to sit on the floor during the second half of the series.  Even sitting down on a hard surface was a challenge at first.  The instructors at Byc were very understanding of my condition and encouraged me to keep coming to class and keep trying to set up all of the postures correctly.  By the end of the first week, I was able to sit down and eventually lie down on the floor.  Each small victory allowed me to be more aggressive with the next.  The rate of my improvement increased as I increased my visits to the studio and my commitment to the practice.  It took a long time, but by summer I was actually completing most of the postured in the series and I finally did my first sit-up in class in over 2 years.  From there it just snowballed.  The foundation of strength and determination the practice brought to my life has allowed me to make more positive changes with my diet and work environment, which in turn improved my practice even more.

I have been free from back pain and off all medication for over half a year now.  I recently completed the 30 Day Challenge at BYC.  I came every day in October for 30 consecutive days, and found that it gave me a new found strength to continue to improve my practice and my life.  Bikram Yoga has provided a framework for improving every aspect of my life like no other exercise I have tried.  Bikram Yoga truly is a life long practice that rewards you equally for the effort you put into each and every class."   Chad Roberts

"I LOVE the 6:30am classes.  What a great way to start the day... open up the body and leave feeling relaxed, warm and happy.  Anything the day brings is easier after Bikram Yoga.  And best of all, my evenings are free for other things!"  Susan Shipton

“Bikram Yoga allows me to feel more grounded. There is a long lasting sense of serenity that accompanies me whenever I consistently practice it. My body and lower back stop aching and I feel more fit, more flexible and more alive. I love it!” Mike D.

“Bikram Yoga has had a profound impact on my life both physically and mentally, which in turn has influenced emotional stability. As a singer, I have achieved vocal strength and stamina through increased lung capacity and awareness of breath. As a dancer, I have achieved a greater sense of balance and muscle awareness, as well as improved flexibility and muscle tone maintenance. As an actress, I have strengthened my overall focus, and ability to be truly "in the moment". As a person, I am grateful to have discovered a practice that continues to surprise me with benefits I can apply to all the different aspects of my life. Bikram Yoga is truly a lifelong practice I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone!” Shannon Nicol Seyffert.

“As an opera singer, I have found that the regular practice of Bikram Yoga has improved my body awareness, overall posture, and support of breath- the key areas that form the foundation of good vocal production. My coach has noticed the transformation that I have experienced both mentally and physically. In the last 2 years the results are measurable. I continue to recommend the series to not only fellow singers but people from all walks of life. It will definitely change your life for good. Namaste” VR

“I had tried many other forms of yoga, and coming from a dance background, never really found any of the yoga classes very challenging. However, I can't say enough for Bikram Yoga. The heat allows you to work without fear of injury. It's like getting an aerobic workout without having the quick physical movements as with running/biking/aerobics. etc. The postures work to stimulate circulation and rid the body of toxins. My skin looks great, I can eat whatever I want and not worry about weight gain, and I sleep very well. In an hour and a half, I work every muscle, I increase me flexibility and improve my posture, and any aches and pains I may develop in dance class are alleviated in the yoga class. I think Bikram Yoga has been especially helpful for me knees. Twenty years of studying ballet left me with very sensitive knees and in the Bikram class the teacher would often comment that Bikram was a weight-lifter who shattered both knees in a weight lifting accident and healed his knees through yoga. The best part is that you physically feel and see a difference after your first week, your clothes fit a little better, you have more energy, and you're on a natural high because the postures really help your body to release endorphins. In short Bikram rocks, if you haven't tried it you're missing out!” MM

“Before I started practicing Bikram I had smoked for 15 years and was up to a pack and a half a day. I had tried to stop several times before but realized that for me to continue doing Bikram I would have to make a choice. Within a month of starting Bikram Yoga I quit smoking. Although I also used all of the other methods of support available to me Bikram was the missing ingredient that replaced the psychological need for smoking that made my effort successful this time. Bikram Yoga has also helped regulate my moods and my emotional entanglement with food. I can go on but you have to try it yourself.” Anonymous

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