Message from the Director

First off, let’s defuse the notion that yoga “fixes” everything.

It doesn’t.

What yoga CAN do is facilitate change. It can put a smile on the face of adversity whilst winking at a world often weighted down with somberness.

In truth, yoga CAN do a lot of things. Its power-potential depends upon you; your commitment, your perspective, your will, your focus, your curiousity, and your capacity for change.

What I love about the Bikram yoga series is that it is beautifully accessible to everyone, without exception. It is not discriminatory or exclusive. It is a beginner’s yoga series with a broad scope and it can benefit all who embark on its expedition of body and soul.

The start of the journey is simple…


I challenge the credo that “practice makes perfect.”

I would like to suggest something else entirely: practice makes progress. Progress creates change.

Change leads to…

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